Another poet who graciously gave me permission to use his poems on my cards is Dave Crawley.  My two favorite books of his are: Cat Poems and Dog Poems. Dog Poems was chosen by Bank Street Children's Books for Best Book of the year.  

From Dog Poems:

The Labrador Loves Liquid

The Labrador loves liquid

(I don't just mean to drink)

He'll splash through flowing streamlets

and sticky bogs that stink.

With devotion to the ocean,

he thunders through the spray.

The sea is grand for swimming, and surf is meant for play.  He'll stand beneath a rain flood

cascading from the roof.

The water rolls right off him,

since Labs are waterproof.

I always give credit to the author of any poems I use. Lately I've contacted poets to ask permission to use their writing even though I don't sell the cards and make no profit from this enterprise. This has been very well received by the writers.

I enjoyed reading and reciting poems to my own children when they were young.  I hope you will consider purchasing books of poetry for your children. 

Dennis Lee is a popular Children's poet from  Toronto, Ontario.  He is well known for his book, "Alligator Pie."

Thanks for this one, Dennis:

Scrape Me Some Sky

Skyscraper, skyscraper, scrape me some sky:

Tickle the sun

while the stars go by.

Tickle the stars

while the sun's climbing high.

Then, skyscraper,skyscraper, scrape me some sky.

I found a delightful book of poems in our library. It is called, "Animal Tracks, Wild Poems to read aloud."

This book was written by Charles Ghigna (a.k.a. Father Goose) He has written more than 30 books for kids and adults.  

I wrote an email to him via his website: and he answered right away.  He was interested in my project and asked me to send him some of my cards with his poems on them.  

A Stargazer's Dreams

The magic of the universe
calls out to me from every star.
Beyond the moon, my dreams unfold
and carry me to worlds afar.

I am as light as fairy wings.
My soul flies gossamer and free,
across the clouds and continents,
into the midnight galaxy.

There is no end to my delight.
I twirl through every sacred part,
collecting bits of pixie dust
to glisten in my mind and heart.

And when I land, my spirit filled,
the person that I know as me
shines brighter, lit up by each flash
of fantasy and reverie.

Susan Noyes Anderson is the author of At the End of Your Rope, There’s Hope, Deseret Book, ©1997; Awaken Your Spiritual Power: The Fairy Godmother Isn’t Coming!, Karisma Press, ©1999; and His Children (poetry only, photos are by Anita Schiller), Vantage Point Press, ©2003.

Thank you, Susan for allowing me to use your lovely poems!

Renowned artist, writer, storyteller, humanitarian

"At every moment I strive for connection. If you are in the moment, you are stretching out to reach that which you recognize in others. That’s my secret." 
— Ashley Bryan


Sing to the sun

It will listen

And warm your words

Your joy will reis

Like the sun

And glow

Within you

Sing to the moon

It will hear

And soothe your cares

Your fears will set

Like the moon

And fade

Within you

My sincere thanks to the Ashley Bryan Center for allowing me the use of his work on my cards. 

I sent for a used copy of his book, "Sing to the Sun," and was delighted to get a signed copy. He has lots of wonderful books and he is a character as colorful as the pictures he paints.  Learn more by visiting

Joyce Sidman

Fly, Dragonfly!


Water nymph, you have

climbed from the shallows to don

your dragon-colors.

Perched on a reed stem

all night, shedding your skin, you dry

your wings in moonlight.


Night melts into day.

Swift birds wait to snap you up.

Fly, dragonfly! Fly!

Yes, you can certainly use my poems for this purpose. I volunteer regularly in a children’s hospital, so I know how important personal connection is. Thank you for your good work!

I was intrigued by Diane Lang's book 

"Vulture Verse- Love Poems for the Unloved."

It's a whole collection of poems about the 'underdogs' of the insect and animal world.

It goes along with my philosophy that everyone and everything has a place. 

It turns out that Diane is a prolific writer of poetry about the natural world. 

I emailed Diane and this was her response. 

I can't thank her enough for all her help.

Oh, Carol, what a nice idea! I love what you do!


Of course you can use my poems. But I need to send you more! I have lots and lots and lots, all about nature or specific critters. It will take me awhile to send a collection that I think you would like best, but meanwhile, 

check out my web site ( for more.

Dear Auntie Kai,


THANK YOU for your beautiful postcards and note! Your heart is as big as your talent! I can only imagine the sweet smiles on the faces of the children when they receive your precious cards. I am honored that you thought to include some of my poems on your little treasures. I will certainly treasure these.


Kind regards,



Charles Ghigna - Father Goose®

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