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 I have made it my mission to send cards and postcards to people of all ages to let them know how special they are and to try to spread a little cheer. Facebook has been a good source of groups who provide names and addresses of people who are in the most need of being remembered in this way such as people with serious illnesses and those impacted by bullying, depression or losses. Many of the card senders in the groups enjoy 'adopting' individuals and sending monthly cards and gifts.  I want to reach as many children and adults as I can and so I send out dozens of homemade cards every month.  I try to personalize the cards and enclose little inexpensive gifts that will fit in a greeting card such as sticker, tattoos or bookmarks.


I also keep a list of kids to whom I send monthly postcards.  Many of these kids are grandchildren, nieces, nephews or other friends or acquaintances. I really enjoy finding and sending postcards and am always happy to add another name to my list. 

If you know of child who would enjoy getting a monthly postcard let me know.

If you know of anyone of any age who is lonely or going through a serious illness or anyone who is in need of love and support I would be happy to send a card or cards to them. 

How you can help

Please consider signing up with one of these groups to become a card sender.  You can send to a designated child or children every month or send a one time only card to various children whenever you can.  The moderators of the sites are always happy to match you with names. There is a great need for this kind of support and encouragement.  There are so many special- needs kids out there who love to get something in the mail just for them.

There are many sites on Facebook that help me find people,young and old who would appreciate getting mail.  Here are some of the one that I use:

Cheer Mail for Little Heroes

            A new Group!

We started this group in August of 2020.  We are a matching group like the others but we try to keep our Facebook timeline filled with lots of fun things for parents and kids alike.  We have drawings, card exchanges, recipes, contests, recipes and more!

A private group

One of our precious little heroes

We send a card or letter each month with small items like stickers, coloring sheets, a child with Disabilities or illnesses and their siblings.

Our first art contest. Both these entries were so good they both received first place! They each recieved several postcards with their image and a Christmas ornament.

Allie Glassman

Keira Cromwell


There are many lonely seniors, some still at home, some living in various facilities.  A card or small gift is always a day brightener for them.

I found a Facebook page that keeps an ongoing list of referrals and posts from loved ones who are so appreciative of those who send cards.   This is an "umbrella group for many of the others such as Celebrating Sacrifice (for Veterans) And cCards for Caregivers.

Sunshine Snail Mail Exchange

This is a group where members can share anything mail related: sending mail, receiving mail, pen pal info, mail requests for sick children and/or seniors, viral card requests, news articles, other mail groups, other card groups and pages, neat post offices, card making ideas, etc.

Sending Cards For Encouragement

This page is for names and addresses for people we know that need encouragement. Please let us know if it is get well, sympathy, birthday, or other. 

Kind Cards For Cool Kids

Our mission is to send cards of encouragement to kids with any kind of need - physical, emotional, medical, bullying issues, etc. - any child who could benefit from uplifting cards from both adults and other kids. The page is open to children worldwide.


Smiles By Snail Mail
Angels Sending Hope

Angels Sending Hope is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization made up of a group of caring individuals (Angels) around the world who send cards, letters, or notes to others who are experiencing difficult times. We at Angels Sending Hope know that a little hope and encouragement can go a long way and can help individuals through the day or simply put a smile on their face for the moment.

Zippy Zebra and Friends

This is a group of parents and card senders to kids. We send cards to Sn/Ill kids/teens/adults on a monthly basis. Simple rules. No fund raising/money stuff or wish lists. Post when cards are sent and received and have fun! 

Do you know a child who needs a smile 😃? Visit our website to submit child's information. We provide gifts, cards, stickers, and gift cards (as funds allow) to sick children with life threatening illnesses, mental illness, experiencing life traumas, bullied, or in shelters.

Cards of Courage

This group was created to send Cards of Courage to children battling cancer💛 Liam was diagnosed with Cancer in 2017 when he was just 3 years old. The out pouring of love and support that we received after his diagnosis has inspired us to do something to help bring courage to other children who are also battling cancer! The goal of this group is to send encouraging and uplifting cards to warriors who are currently fighting. We want to support and follow families and their journey. 💛

Random Acts Of Cardness
Magical Mail Senders and Parents

This list is ONLY for kids with chronic, life-threatening or terminal illness. 

 We send greeting cards to those in need all around the world. We send cards for: - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Get Well - Sympathy - Graduations - Weddings - Engagements - New Baby - Encouragement - Easter - Christmas - and More! Everyone is welcome to receive cards. We do not send solely to those with medical issues, veterans, or any other specific group of people. We send to anyone and everyone.

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