Someone at Zumiez just sent me a pile of stickers for teens.

It's easier to find things to enclose in cards for little kids.  Zumiez is a company with a heart! 

Okay, I admit it...I write to companies and beg them for stickers to send to some of the older kids.  Most of them are very kind and generous.

Jared from Howie's Hockey Tape Generously allowed me to purchase these awesome stickers at their cost and then doubled my order. He has got to be the nicest, most personable company rep I've ever worked with.  He totally gets what I do and wants to be a part of making kids smile. 

Several kids had expressed an interest in BIG TRUCKS.  I wrote to Caterpillar hoping to snag some swag but they don't give free stickers. Next, I tried Peterbilt.  WOW! they were awesome!  I received dozens of tattoo strips.  The kids are loving them! 

Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles have also been generous.  

Kindness in Action

Years ago, I was gifted a pretty watercolor of flowers from my daughter-in-law Cassandra.  The artist's name was Jake Marshall.  At that time we had a little dog we called Jake and our last name is Marshall so I teased the two-legged Jake that I had told everyone it was our Jake's work.  So began a Facebook friendship and I have been admiring all the paintings that show up on his timeline. 

When Jake found about about Auntie Kai's Cards he so generously sent me dozens of his note cards. They are all so beautiful! I can wait to buy more stamps and start sending them out. 

I've been making envelopes out of old wall calendars.  

Some outgoing mail

In addition to postcards, I send a lot of greeting cards that I make myself .  I like to enclose a little gift such as tattoos, stickers or trading cards.  It is a challenge to finding items small enough to fit inside. The dollar store is a great place to find things.

50+ postcards go out every month to a regular group of kids.

How cool is this?  My neighbor just gifted me some 2018 calendars from her family business.  The motorcycles are sure to please kids of all ages!

I don't get around much anymore,but my kids do.  Thanks Aaron for the Hollywood card.  It's AWESOME!

I told Lenny how so many kids love Pokemon.  I was buying card packs at the dollar store for a dollar each.  For Christmas he surprised me with a big box of dozens of packs that he purchased from Ebay.  I have been having fun making postcards and bookmarks to enclose in the envelopes with the cards.  I also throw in a few Pokemon stickers.  The kids love getting them!

Son Lenny sent me these Wonderful Star Wars stickers

Fun Cards For Residents of Care Homes

My son Lenny just sent me a few boxes of these lovely cards.  Kids love animals.  I may add poems, jokes or facts to the backs of some of these.

A wonderful Mother's Day gift from my son, Brian. I am always concerned that I will run out of stamps.  These will keep me in business for a long time and they are so cool!

My son, Aaron, just sent me well over a hundred postcards.  These are all America themed.  National Parks and cities.  Very artsy and cool. 

Just perfect for nursing home residents who are isolated and not allowed to have visitors during this pandemic.

I am pasting stickers with old songs on them and will embellish with colorful stickers to bring a little cheer.

These will go out singly or in bulk.  Thanks, Aaron 

I couldn't do nearly as much as I do without the support of all my own 6 kids.  Son Dan loves history and sends me cards from his museum visits as well as many interesting cards he finds in antique markets and thrift shops enabling me to find just the right card for each person.

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