Inspiration and Resources

My Inspiration :

This is one of my very first books.  It may seem outdated, and it was, even then, with its references to nurses and candlelight.  But it took me to many places in my daydreams.

I loved it when my Aunt Margaret read to us from this book. 

I love the adventures of Palmer Cox's "Brownies" and I learned not to 'Spill my broth on the tablecloth like the 'Goops'. I decided, then and there, not to be like the "Little Red Hen's" friends. 

She gave me a copy when I had my own kids.

I spent so many hours with this book as a child.  I loved the nonsense poems of Ogden Nash and Richard Armour.  This was a sure-cure for boredom.

This is a book full of the most wonderful memories. I snuggled with my children as i read them their favorite poems.

Danny liked  "The Village Blacksmith" and "Jabberwockey" Mary wanted to hear "The Tale of Custard the Dragon." 

Resources for my postcards:

In the past I used poems from many sources, the internet, the library and my own collection. Now, while I like to use an occasional classic poem on my cards, I am really trying to contact modern poets and get their permission for use.  Most everyone that I've been able to reach has been very supportive.  I always cite my authors and any book or website they have.  I hope it inspires kids and parents to a greater appreciation for the written word.

Kenn Nesbit  

Carrie Heyes

Charles Ghigna 

Joyce Sidman

April Halprin Wayland

Dave Crawley

Ashley Bryan


J. Patrick Lewis

Diane Lang

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