Help Wanted Here

Auntie Kai is always looking for help from aspiring artists and writers. Images of original art or short poems can be sent to my email address:

I will post as many as I can on this page and if the image is suitable for use on a card or postcard, copies of the finished product will be sent to the submitter.  

I love to use children's artwork.  Little Garrett painted this bear and inspired me to write a poem to go with the picture.

Noah Habel

Emma Habel

Three of my grandchildren contributed several of their paintings for me to use.  I put facts, poems, jokes or quotes on the back and they make wonderful postcards.

Hannah Habel

Art by my granddaughter,Raleigh Habel

Poem "Bubbles" by a favorite childrens poet, Charles Ghigna, from his book, Tickle Day.


A bubble is a magic ball,

A globe of light both big and small,

A soapy sphere of bathtub fun,

A foamy wave out in the sun.

A bubble is a world of joy,

A free and fragile little toy,

A tiny shining clear balloon

Floating by just like the moon.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere,

Balls of magic in the air,

Drifting bright beneath the sun,

Bubbles fill the world with fun.

Who doesn't love dragons?

Dragons are mystical, wonderful creatures.  Since I am not very good at drawing them myself I have enlisted the help of a talented young artist in California to help me design some cool ones for my cards.  Ella Marie Webb has a vivid imagination and her dragons are sure to make a lot of smiles.

When I add a background and have them printed professionally Ella's dragons make beautiful postcards.




from Ella:  I hope this will

brighten your day like the sun!

Friendship bracelets

I've been making friendship bracelets to put in my cards. I've enlisted the help of family to make more.  On the right are cat ear bracelets that I ordered from from Oriental Trading Company for the younger kids.


Contributions from my grandkids, Roland and Raleigh:  rubber band bracelets.  Thanks!

Rebecca Oxford Habel.

  Thank you so much!

Nicole Johnson made these for me.  She is very crafty and talented and can make all kids of bracelets.  She has tried to teach me but I can only manage a simple braid.  Thank you Nicole!

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